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UPDATED March 14th, 2011
Small, large, round, square, decorated, papered or painted; we all love to be able to have that special box that we can tuck our treasures in. Whether it was spices, jewelry or a hat, folks in days of old used boxes for storing almost everything. Now, we mostly collect boxes for their decorative value, but it's still always difficult not to add "just one more".
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Painted Small Boxes by Jeanette McVay-primitive, boxes, decor, mustard, black, aged, flower, floral
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Painted Small Boxes by Jeanette McVay

Both are painted in ombre colors that blend from black to mustard. Rectangle is 3" w x 4 1/2" l and the oval is 3 1/2" w x 4 1/2" l.

Each is $20.00. USA
Wallpaper-Covered Boxes by Dixie Rose-primitive, boxes, aged, antique, signed, wallpaper, decor
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Wallpaper-Covered Boxes by Dixie Rose

Two beautiful oval boxes covered with old wallpaper and lined with pages from a dictionary! Signed inside the lid.

Smaller oval is 5" w x 6 1/2" l x 4 1/2" h. $20.00 USA.

The larger oval is 6" w x 7 1/2" l x 5" h. $22.00. USA Both perfect for a bedroom!
Half-Moon Box by Dixie Rose-boxes, primitive, aged, wallpaper, signed, decor
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Half-Moon Box by Dixie Rose

What an unusual shape! Covered in old wallpaper and lined in pages from an old dictionary, this rare box is 4 1/2" w x 8" l x 6" h. Signed under the lid. Wow! USA.
Wall Paper Boxes by Dixie Rose-boxes, wallpaper, collectible, signed, flowers, floral, mauve, green, red, black, aged, antique
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Wall Paper Boxes by Dixie Rose

Always collectible and unique, Dixie's boxes are rare and hard to find!

From left to right;

2 1/2" w x 3 1/4" l x 2"h in shades of green, black and barn red wallpaper. Signed. $10.00. USA.

In a green mini-print, this box is 5" w x 6 1/2" l x 4 1/2" h with distressed lines. Lined with dictionary pages and signed by Dixie. $22.00. USA.

A sweet mauve box with feathery flowers; perfect in a powder room! 3" w x 4 1/4" l x 2 3/4" h. Signed by Dixie. $12.00. USA.
Three Neat Little Ovals from Hanway Mill House-boxes, primitive, country, pineapple, horse, small, decor, mustard, barn red, black, aged
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Three Neat Little Ovals from Hanway Mill House

Tuck in anywhere; they're tiny and whimsical! All the same size; 3 1/2" w x 4 1/2" l x 2" h.

From left to right;
1852 in mustard and black trim,
pineapple in mustard with barn red,
running horse in mustard and black trim.

$12.00 each. USA
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