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Samplers, or embroidered needlework, were originally done by young girls, encouraged by their Mothers to excel at "women's work" and later, as they became more proficient, to show what refined young ladies they had become. Samplers can be as simple as the ABC's or can involve houses, birds, flowers or words of wisdom! Today, the originals have become so pricey, that there is a demand for nice, primitive reproductions. These very simple samplers are a reminder of days gone by when even the decorations on the walls were a time-consuming labor of love.
Clara's Cabin Sampler-sampler, cabin, clara's, 1910
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Clara's Cabin Sampler

Dated 1910 and measuring 11" square, this nifty sampler has a willow tree on one side of the cabin and a feather tree on the other side. Imported.

Melissa Sarver Sampler-Melissa Sarver, sampler, primitive,
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Melissa Sarver Sampler

Almost square; it measures 12 1/2" W x 12" H. "While on this glowing canvas stands, The labour of my youthful hands,

It may remain when I am gone, For you my friends to look upon". Worked by my hands, Melissa Sarver. A very nice, "homey" sampler! $24.00

Mary Evans Sampler-mary evans, sampler, willow tree, primitive
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Mary Evans Sampler

Chock full of stitchery; this measures 10" W x 12" H. Together with the alphabet and a willow tree is the following lovely saying; "From low pursuits exalt my mind, From every vice of every kind, Nor let my conduct ever tend, To wound the feelings of a friend". Just perfect!! Imported.

It Is a Gift to Be Simple Sampler-american, heart, check, framed, gingham, hanging, primitive, decor, aged, reproduction, antique
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It Is a Gift to Be Simple Sampler

5 1/2" W x 7" H. Tiny checked calico heart applied under the saying. Great in a grouping! Aged black frame, under glass. USA
Small House Sampler-primitive, house, antique, reproduction, aged, framed, hanging, decor, sampler
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Small House Sampler

"May I a small house and a large garden have, and a few friends, many books, both true". Isn't that wonderful?

12" W x 9" H. I have one in my guest bedroom; just love it! Imported.
George and Abe-primitive, american, portrait, president, antique, reproduction, aged, framed, hanging, decor
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George and Abe

Not really samplers at all; these however, rate a place of honor amongst any primitive wall decor. Painted transfers on aged osnaburg cloth, they are each 6 1/4" W x 8 1/4" H in a very primitive black and gold-leaf frame. Simply wonderful to look at! USA

$45.00 each.

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