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Warm, Wonderful Wood!

*Updated   August, 25th, 2017 *

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Stunning Three Drawer Wm. & Mary Apothecary-William and Mary Apothecary, OOAK, Antique, Reproduction
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Stunning Three Drawer Wm. & Mary Apothecary

Absolutely stunning!!  Three drawer  Wm. and Mary Apothecary with antique-style hardware!  16" H x 14" W x 10" Deep.  On a trunk, a table or a sideboard, this is a real keeper!  What a conversation piece!
Charming Jack Box-jack box , slant top lid, Wood box, country green
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Charming Jack Box

Charming Jack box with two drawers and a slant-top lid that opens!  13" W x 15" H x 6" Deep in a wonderful "country green".  Made in Maine.  
James Lesher Round Shaker Boxes!-james lesher, round shaker boxes, wood, copper, reproduction
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James Lesher Round Shaker Boxes!

Jim has done it again! Stack of 5 measures 9 1/2" H. $233.00 for set of five. Hand made and steam bent;this is a beautiful set right down to the tiny copper tacks!
Oval Shaker Boxes by Jim Lesher!-oval shaker boxes, jim lesher, antique blue, mustard yellow, british red
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Oval Shaker Boxes by Jim Lesher!

Oval set of 5 Shaker boxes by Jim Lesher! 9 1/2" H and $233.00 for the stack! Beautiful accent anywhere in the house, and the antique colors are
"spot on"!! From top to bottom, the colors are; antique blue, mustard, green, black and British red. Nice!!

Big Shaker Elder Boxes by Jim Lesher!-shaker boxes, elder boxes, Jim Lesher, black, ebony, stack boxes
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Big Shaker Elder Boxes by Jim Lesher!

Two beautiful, big Shaker Elder boxes from Jim Lesher! Top box is; 8 1/2" L x 6 W x 5" Deep $80.00 Bottom box is; 11" L x 8 W x 6 1/2" Deep. $116.00. Absolutely gorgeous in any setting!! All hand made and steam bent by a true artisan!

**Small box is SOLD OUT** Large box is still available.

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