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Updated October 8, 2018

Greg and Mary Shooner are recognized as the foremost redware potters in the country! Their redware is so accurate, that museums have been fooled by their aging process. Vast numbers of people wait patiently in line for hours just to get their hands on a piece of their redware! We've christened it the "Shooner Run" because you need to be fleet of foot to reach their booth before they are sold out! As a result, all of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, and can not be re-ordered! Also, very important...
*Please note...all pieces have the traditional lead glaze and are not for food use!! Each piece also has intentional aging and distressing which only adds to the "look".
Coin-dot Jar with Tin Lid!-coin dot jar, shooner jar, redware jar, shooner american redware, dotted jar, pottery
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Coin-dot Jar with Tin Lid!

Coin-dot Jar with Tin lid measures 6"h x 4" Dia. Add to your collection with this charmer of a piece!
Beautiful Sgraffito Pitcher!-Sgraffito Pitcher, Shooner American Redware Pitcher, redware pitcher, Shooner American Redware, pitc
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Beautiful Sgraffito Pitcher!

Colonial couple toast each other with a glass of wine and the following saying "I drink to you with all my heart; Merry met and Merry Part.". 7 1/2 h x 5 1/2" dia. This is a winner!
Darling Little Covered Mustard Pots-Shooner American Redware, covered mustard pots, bird finial, tulips, red ware, pottery
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Darling Little Covered Mustard Pots

Each Covered Mustard Pot is approximately 5"h. Left to right: Cute brown pot with bird finial; center; pot with tulips. $155.00 each. You could start a collection with these!
Triple Ball Bank!-Shooner American Redware, triple ball bank, shooner bank redware bank , swan finial, pottery
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Triple Ball Bank!

Triple Ball Bank is 8"h top of swan finial. Very hard to find! 
Staffordshire Dog!-staffordshire dog, redware dog, Shooner American Redware, redware, pottery
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Staffordshire Dog!

Staffordshire Dog is absolutely stunning! Very heavy too! 9" h x 6"w. Extraordinary collectors piece!
Sgraffito inkwell with quill!-Sgraffito inkwell, quill, shooner american redware, shooner inkwell
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Sgraffito inkwell with quill!

Delicate flowers adorn the whole piece;  1 3/4” H. x 4” D.;  $202.00.  Perfect!
Charming sgraffito jar with curled-up swan finial-sgraffito jar with swan, shooner american redware, bear, cello, stag, man playing violin
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Charming sgraffito jar with curled-up swan finial

Bear plays his cello;  beautiful stag and man plays his violin!!  Very rare indeed!!  9 3/4” H x 5 1/2” D. 
Dancing Bear Plate!-shooner american redware, Sgraffito plate, dancing bear plate
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Dancing Bear Plate!

This 10 1/2” Dia. Sgraffito plate is always a favorite!  Wonderful deep colors. 
Fluted Sgraffito Loaf Dish-Sgraffito Loaf Dish, Shooner American Redware, daisies, OOAK
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Fluted Sgraffito Loaf Dish

10" L x 8" W. Adorned with daisies and leaves! 
Beautiful Dotted Pitcher-Shooner Dotted Pitcher, Shooner American Redware, Shooner Redware, pottery, OOAK
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Beautiful Dotted Pitcher

"Dotted" pitcher!!    Measures  8 3/4" H x  6" Dia.  Stunning!
Two Charming Salts!-Shooner Salts, Shooner American Redware, Shooner Salts, Redware,
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Two Charming Salts!

Two Salts Pictured: L to R;  Small fluted salt with pewter spoon;  2 1/2" H x 2 3/4" Dia.  $110.00.  Right;  Tiny sgraffito yellow salt with pewter spoon;  2 1/4" H x 2 1/2" Dia. $100.00.  Start a collection of these tiny treasures! Please make your choice(s) in the dropdown. 
Beautiful Bank with Braided Handle-shooner bank, bank with braided handle, shooner american redware
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Beautiful Bank with Braided Handle

Beautiful bank with braided handle!!  Tiny green bird finial; almost matches the gorgeous bird on the bottom!!  
7 1/2" H x 3" Dia.  
Shooner Rooster Lamp-shooner rooster lamp, shooner american redware, rooster lamp, red ware, pottery
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Shooner Rooster Lamp

Wonderful, (and hard to find) Shooner rooster lamp!  Overall 21" H;  9 1/2" H to top of wood cap.  This is the year of the rooster!!
Sgraffito Milkpan-Sgraffito milkpan, Shooner American Redware, redware, pottery
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Sgraffito Milkpan

Sgraffito milkpan has sponging on the outside; deep  intense colors on the inside! 10 1/2" dia. Almost 3" deep! 
Green Pinch Bottle-green pinch bottle,  simon singer green, shooner american redware, gold leaves,
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Green Pinch Bottle

Sweet green "pinch" bottle with big indent on all four sides!  4" H.  Dark Simon Singer green. 
One of A Kind Watch Keep-watch keep, clock, one of a kind, shooner amreican redware, birds, pottery
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One of A Kind Watch Keep

A truly one-of-a-kind extraordinary "Watch Keep".  The roof is covered with acanthus leaves, braided columns on the sides in the front,  2 tiny birds on the roof, and a hook inside for hanging a Pocket Watch. Conversation piece!!   10 1/2" H  x  5 1/2" W.  
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Big, Oversize Pitcher with Applied Acanthus Leaves!!-Shooner American Redware, pottery, oversize pitcher, ooak, strap
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Big, Oversize Pitcher with Applied Acanthus Leaves!!

Tiny little "buttons" surround the pitcher, and a little, applied redware "Strap" crosses the bottom of the extruded handle............absolutely stunning!! 9 1/2" H x 7" Dia.
Freckled Sugar Bowl with Bird Finial-shooner american redware, sugar bowl,  bird finial, redware, collectible
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Freckled Sugar Bowl with Bird Finial

Wonderful "freckled" sugar bowl with bird finial!! What a super piece! Measures 7" h x 4" wide. Will just give your collection an extra "Pop" of
Glorious English Hunting Posset Pot!-english hunting, posset pot, shooner american redware, one of a kind
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Glorious English Hunting Posset Pot!

Glorious English Hunting Posset Pot!! Four curly handles on lid; pleated ribbons between the two handles on the bottom, and a wonderful "chunky"
knob on the lid!! 10 1/2" H x 10 1/2" W (incl. handles).Extraordinary color and workmanship!!
Brown, Round Oversize Trencher-over size trencher, redware, shooner, one of a kind
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Brown, Round Oversize Trencher

Brown, round oversize trencher; 16"Dia. x 3" Deep. Incredibly
detailed border; $465.00 WOW!!

Shooner Plump Oversize Bean Pot-greg shooner, pot, green, yellow, pumpkin, pottery, daisies, redware, pottery
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Shooner Plump Oversize Bean Pot

With slip colors of green, yellow and pumpkin, this bean pot is a winner! Attached lug handles are decorated with daisies, making this a joy to add to your redware collection! Nice dome lid completes the look!

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