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Greg and Mary Shooner are recognized as the foremost redware potters in the country! Their redware is so accurate, that museums have been fooled by their aging process. Vast numbers of people wait patiently in line for hours just to get their hands on a piece of their redware! We've christened it the "Shooner Run" because you need to be fleet of foot to reach their booth before they are sold out! As a result, all of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, and can not be re-ordered! Also, very important...
*Please note...all pieces have the traditional lead glaze and are not for food use!! Each piece also has intentional aging and distressing which only adds to the "look".
Shooner Octagonal Plate-shooner+octagonal+plate, octagonal+redware+plate, shooner+american+redware, shooner+redware+plate, h
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Shooner Octagonal Plate

Octagonal Plate measuring 8 1/2" across, this is a beauty! Decorated with bird in the center perched on a branch, and loaded with a floral design.  
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Shooner Charger-shooner+charger, shooner+redware+plate, birds, shooner+american+redware, pottery, handcrafted. greg+
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Shooner Charger

Birds resting on branches. What a statement this will make in any home. 16 1/2” L x 13” W

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Shooner Tin Lid Pot - Tulips-tin+lid+pot, shooner+tin+lid+pot, one+of+a+kind, tulips, redware+pot, shooner+american+redware, greg
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Shooner Tin Lid Pot - Tulips

 Tin Lid Pot - Squiggly and straight lines and tulips decorate this beauty. 6” Dia x 7” H; $250.00
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Shooner Floral Plate-shooner+redware+plate, redware+plate, sgraffito, tulips, shooner+american+redware, redware+plate, ha
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Shooner Floral Plate

Tulips and green leaves adorned this 9" sgraffito plate, with dings on the edges to give it a primitive look and feel. 
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Shooner Pitcher-shooner+pitcher, redware, shooner+american+redware , tulips, pottery, handcrafted, made+in+the+usa,
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Shooner Pitcher

Straight and squiggly lines with tulips and floral design. Dia x 8” H
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Shooner Tin Lid Pot-shooner+tin+lid+pot, redware+pot, shooner+american+redware, pottery, greg+and+Mary+shooner, handcraf
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Shooner Tin Lid Pot

Tin Lid Pot - two different color bands yellow and brown. Some are straight and squiggly.6”Dia x9 1/2”H; $350.00.
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Shooner Unity Plate-unity+plate, shooner+redware+plate, redware+plate, shooner+american+redware, pottery, 1831, greg+and
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Shooner Unity Plate

Americana Plate with a wing flapping bird carrying a banner inscribed "UNITY." Also inscribed is "1831", 9 1/2 Dia.
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Shooner Chalice-shooner+chalice, shooner+american+redware, redware+chalice, one+of+a+kind, pottery, handcrafted, mad
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Shooner Chalice

Chalice is dep red with "Mary Burke" inscribed on one side and "1807" on the other side. 7” H, 4” Dia at the fluted lip. 
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One of A Kind Watch Keep-watch keep, clock, one of a kind, shooner amreican redware, birds, pottery
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One of A Kind Watch Keep

A truly one-of-a-kind extraordinary "Watch Keep".  The roof is covered with acanthus leaves, braided columns on the sides in the front,  2 tiny birds on the roof, and a hook inside for hanging a Pocket Watch. Conversation piece!!   10 1/2" H  x  5 1/2" W.  
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Glorious English Hunting Posset Pot!-english hunting, posset pot, shooner american redware, one of a kind
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Glorious English Hunting Posset Pot!

Glorious English Hunting Posset Pot!! Four curly handles on lid; pleated ribbons between the two handles on the bottom, and a wonderful "chunky"
knob on the lid!! 10 1/2" H x 10 1/2" W (incl. handles).Extraordinary color and workmanship!!

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