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Shooner American Redware Teapot

Updated November 13, 2017

Greg and Mary Shooner are recognized as the foremost redware potters in the country! Their redware is so accurate, that museums have been fooled by their aging process. Vast numbers of people wait patiently in line for hours just to get their hands on a piece of their redware! We've christened it the "Shooner Run" because you need to be fleet of foot to reach their booth before they are sold out! As a result, all of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, and can not be re-ordered! Also, very important...
*Please note...all pieces have the traditional lead glaze and are not for food use!! Each piece also has intentional aging and distressing which only adds to the "look".
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Dancing Bear Plate!-shooner american redware, Sgraffito plate, dancing bear plate
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Dancing Bear Plate!

This 10 1/2” Dia. Sgraffito plate is always a favorite!  Wonderful deep colors. 
Oversized 12” D. Sgraffito plate with Spotted Stags-Sgraffito plate with Spotted Stags, shooner american redware, shooner plate, oversized plate
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Oversized 12” D. Sgraffito plate with Spotted Stags

Oversized 12” D. Sgraffito plate has  2 magnificent spotted stags with huge antlers!  Beautiful, detailed edging;  small “chips” on rim are purposely  put there by Greg for “aging effect”.  

Fluted Sgraffito Loaf Dish-Sgraffito Loaf Dish, Shooner American Redware, daisies, OOAK
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Fluted Sgraffito Loaf Dish

10" L x 8" W. Adorned with daisies and leaves! 
Coin Dot Seed Jar-Seed Jar, Shooner American Redware, Dotted Seed Jar, OOAK
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Coin Dot Seed Jar

 With tiny tin lid, and two little handles, this jar is oh! so sweet!  8" H x 5" Dia. 
 The Shooners have done it again!!
Beautiful Dotted Pitcher-Shooner Dotted Pitcher, Shooner American Redware, Shooner Redware, pottery, OOAK
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Beautiful Dotted Pitcher

"Dotted" pitcher!!    Measures  8 3/4" H x  6" Dia.  Stunning!
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